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Programs designed for your event or program

• Dreamsculpting- Using our inner world of dreams and the meaningful images and symbols of our life, we create an experience that guides us to making what we imagine real.

• Our True Vocation - Through a journey of time tested rituals and creative exploration, spiritual counseling/life coaching, we set a new wonderful path to true calling and listening to our true personality away from the herd.

• Relationshipping- Improving our connection to self, other and world, mind, body, spirit and earth.

• Sounding your Soul - Music as a therapy and healing, with certified music therapist, sound healer, acutonics practitioner. 

• Mothering Ourselves- Looking at the archetype of mother and how we can better "mother" ourselves, others, and our world. Exploring the truths and myths about having and being a mother.

• Corporate Communing- A comprehensive program/ or workshop for better communication, emotional and physical wellness in the workplace.

• Honoring our Private Peace - Tools for stress free living everyday through, meditation, mindfulness everywhere, and rituals of peace.

• A Real Life- Optimal Self Discovery Lifestyle Retreat - A weekend, weeklong or one day program combining wellness techniques, mindfullness, creative writing, music-sound.

• Couple Communion - Individual, and group programs to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication and connection in a soothing enviroment.

• The Creative Gift - The creative process is the clearest path I know to the soul. It is through music, writing, art, movement and story that we come alive. Whether you are a creative artist or wish to live a less linear life. Do this as a present to yourself.

• Exploring your Soul Family - Explore the ideas in my upcoming book, as we understand the sacredness of the important human and non-human connections that create a family of our own choosing and define how and who we spend our time with. 

• Exploring Shamanism - The ideas behind what a shaman is and what it entails is misunderstood. We explore many mystical traditions and the similar teachings of many Shamans in our midst, through, chant, imaging journey, story. We better understand the tools of self healing taught by the shamanic teachings.

• Chanting in the Mystical Traditions - Explore music and sound in the form of chant and it's healing qualities in the Jewish, Kirtan, Celtic, Native American mystical traditions. 

• Elemental Healing - Exploring the imagery and healing qualities of elements of air, fire, water and earth and the ancient teachings in the mystical traditions about the sacred teachings of the elements.

• The Soul Voice- Speaking and singing for yourself. Learn tools so you can feel like singing and speaking up for work, life and yourself.

• Poetry and Songwritting As Therapy - Hear time tested healing poetry and song and partake in creating some yourself. 

• Vibroacoustic Imaging - The use of sound, vibration and imagery to heal others and ourselves.

Examples of where I have lectured/performed:

Canyon Ranch Spa  - Lenox ( 12 years)
C.G Jung Insitute – NYC
American Cancer Society Survivors Conference/ CT. ( Keynote)
Temenos Institute Jungian Studies- Westport,CT.(multiple)
Mount Sinai Hospital- NYC-Baleen Whale Conference
Sacred Heart University Colloquia on Creativity and Health- Fairfield, CT
New Milford Hospital- Mind and Mindfulness
Danbury Hospital- Heart Health
The Graduate Institute- CT
Yale New Haven Hospital
Live H20 - Vancouver
American Music Therapy Assoc Conference/ Cape Cod, St Louis 2017
Science and Spirituality Conference- NYC
The Open Center- NYC
Multiple radio and television appearances
A Yoga Village
Golden Bridge, NYC