Leesa has been called a creative visionary- Bridge between many worlds as educator, director of Sklover/LoveLife Productions LLC, facilitating learning programs/media, self journeys in eco spirituality education, health & wellness and the creative arts. 

As a performing singer songwriter, sacred music composer, she focuses on her main love,   music and lyric to bring change to the world. EcoMusic is her unique contribution to the music world, hoping to teach compassion for all with her See Me As I Am- Repair Love Break Hate- Song/Film project. As board member for Cetacean Society International, advocating for whales and dolphins in the wild. She works to save the soundscape of the ocean,using the sounds she has gathered in her journeys and giving the world the experience of listening to their ocean song, with her voice and tunes. 

Sklover Sound, Music and Spirit
Enhancement Services

Enjoy my experience and talents for Conferences, support for Speakers, Authors, Business events, End of life, Birth, Ceremonies, Home concerts, Spa events and as a presenter/lecturer myself.

Years as a singer songwriter, composer, certified music therapist, chant artist and yoga therapist/teacher, visionary in environmental styles of music meditation, have led me to a place in my career where I am wanting to produce and sell and perform over 60 original songs and bring healing and awareness through joy and play.

I take my 25 years experience counseling, lecturing, in private practice with patients in spa, hospitals, group homes and years as a creative arts- music therapist, yoga therapist, healer trained in the mystical traditions, to enhance and educate in any platform as speaker and performer, to illuminate and support any venue or event.

1. I lecture on over 20 possible subjects that I have presented at Canyon Ranch Spa and locations mentioned below that I can design to fit your conference or program.  


2.I design space between speakers, opening with original music, meditation, between presentations to create an ideal mood.

3. Music meditation, Kundalini yoga, Yoga Therapy,chant, soothing music used  to enhance group cohesion

4. Originally composed music or improvised music with the group for the specific event during and before to brand the experience for future events with a new song.

5. Contact me for more information and ways to create with you..( lectures will appear on website this month)

6 .Performance options involve me with a band, along performing on the guitar, piano, harmonium, percussion or to prerecorded tracks of my own.

Places where I have lectured and performed

Examples of where I have lectured/performed
Canyon Ranch Spa  - Lenox ( 12 years)
C.G Jung Institute – NYC
American Cancer Society Survivors Conference/ CT. ( Keynote)
Temenos Institute Jungian Studies- Westport,CT.(multiple)
Mount Sinai Hospital- NYC-Baleen Whale Conference
Sacred Heart University Colloquia on Creativity and Health- Fairfield, CT
New Milford Hospital- Mind and Mindfulness
Danbury Hospital- Heart Health
The Graduate Institute- CT

Yale New Haven Hospital
Live H20 - Vancouver
American Music Therapy Assoc Conference/ Cape Cod, St Louis 2017
Science and Spirituality Conference- NYC
The Open Center- NYC
Multiple radio and television appearances

 A Yoga Village

Golden Bridge, NYC