Dr. Sklover is an excellent therapist who listens empathically. She is a wonderful teacher of yoga and helping people understand balancing the body, breath, and emotions. She is also a very talented musican and artist who entwines her skill into art and music therapy. Her ability to see what you need in the moment and use of various therapies is inspiring and helps you to keep coming back and gaining a new knowledge for life. I highly recommend Dr.Sklover to anyone dealing with trauma or various other issues that you may need help in. – JM

Dr Sklover’s work with our company resulted in improved teamwork, productivity and improved morale. – Tom

Kundalini yoga profoundly aided in my personal and spiritual growth. I wouldn’t have the tools I possess today without the help I received from Leesa and his wonderful system. I am forever grateful. – Ram Avtar Kaur/Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I went to Leesa for couples therapy thinking it was the end of our relationship. She helped us to overcome are differences and our fears. After several sessions, we got engaged. – B. R

My company hired Dr. Leesa Sklover as a Human Resources consultant on a one-year contract. Responsibilities included recruiting, on-boarding, employee reviews, training and team-building for our 20 employees. Leesa’s training as a psychotherapist and coach served the organization very well. Her insights into the issues and dynamics of our employees were enlightening. This led to improved organizational engagement and performance across all departments. As a small business owner I was skeptical of our need for an H.R. professional. But, Dr. Sklover showed us all how improving communication, empathy and teamwork are vital within any business regardless of its size. – Steven Weil, Siftex Equipment Company