See Me As I Am


How to Contribute to ‘See Me As I Am’

A Non-Profit founded by Sklover/LoveLife Productions LLC

What is ‘See Me As I Am’?

 Project Mission (creative vision)see-me-as-i-am

Through “See Me As I Am” performances, videos, and educational workshops, we hope to teach compassion and acceptance by building a virtual community through this song.

Project Goal

A global citizenship education project to elevate compassion, dignity and awareness, alleviate prejudice by following “repair love break hate” for all humans and animals on our planet. This program is to be taught in Schools, the workplace and the home. Programs are taught through the song and personal stories, experiential learning, viewing media and sharing of a Music Video/film; Called ‘SEE ME AS I AM’.


Sharing truths through song, and words expressed in a music video/film and through workshops done non locally. Globally, with young and older people in schools, colleges and everywhere; people from all walks of life.. A global family representation anywhere we can gather individuals and groups to be involved. Leesa Sklover, Ph.D is willing to come anywhere to lead a program or workshop to serve you’re  organization.


What do I say/do for the video submission?

Understand that by using the word ‘See’, we do not mean just visually; Let ‘See’ represent both the inner and outer impressions in which you would like to express, so it’s heard and seen by others.


Part One BE HEARD:


  1. Record yourself saying ‘See Me As I Am’.


  1. When people see you what would you want them to see?
  2. What do you think they see?
  3. How would you break hate and grow love in the world?

Soundcloud to listen to lyrics (instrumental or regular)

Dance or Sing


Part two: Download the song from Soundcloud or any other way.

With and without vocals,

lyrics below.



‘See Me As I Am’ Song (instrumental or regular):


– Record yourself dancing or singing along to or over ‘See Me As I Am’

(Be sure that if you decide to sing, we can hear YOU more.)


How do I submit my video?

Method One YouTube


  1. If you DO NOT have a Youtube account, create one.
  2. Sign into ( ).
  3. Find the upload button that looks like . This button should be located at the top of your screen or internet window.
  4. Uploading the video:
    1. Locate and select the video/file on your computer/device that you’ve recorded for submission and click Upload.
    2. Drag and drop video/file onto the upload screen.
  5. Choose either, ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Public’ options. DO NOT choose ‘Private’.
  6. Wait for the video to finish uploading and find the link on the screen automatically generated for you.
  7. Copy the automatically generated link and email it to:


Share a File

  1. Sign in to ( ).
  2. Hover your cursor over the file or folder you’d like to share and click Share when it appears.
  3. Enter the ( who needs access to your files.
    • If sharing a folder, choose ‘Can view’ from the dropdown list.
  4. Add a message about the files and click Share.
    • Pro and Business users: You’ll see options in the pop-up window to set a password and/or expiration for the link.


That’s it – You’re all finished! 

We thank you for contributing to the ‘See Me As I Am’ Project!


Any Questions or concerns? Email us @