Integrative Healing

We offer a list of integrative health and healing services. You can inquire how these work well alone or in combination with other services.

Music Therapy- As a certified Music Therapist, with a masters in music therapy and years of experience in hospitals, spas and clinics, Leesa works with adults and children to experience non verbal therapy and the idea that anyone can express themselves with music.
Music is used for expression of self or the experience of deep listening and inner peace.

Yoga Therapy- as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, trained with Gurmukh, Guru Dharam, Tej, Sangeet ( Leesa) combines, the mental and the physical aspects of her training to work on specific needs of the individual. Yoga Therapy combines, Yogic Philosophy and techniques with oriental medicine and energy work.

Hypnotherapy/Habit Cessation- Choose from merely having an experience to changing a habit such as smoking, food or relational issues.

Vocal Health- We all use our voice to express ourselves. Some use it professionally and some realize the importance of vibration what we create in our lives. There is a lot of science behind the use of the voice for health. Experience a treatment for your voice and ability to express yourself or sing to your hearts content.

Imagery and Inner Journey- The use of imagery and music to look in to moments of the past, future or dreams to reimagine and understand this essential world within all of us.

Mindfulness Meditation Instruction- One to one session on the use of meditation as a daily ritual and something used everywhere you go.

Stress Clearing- You can select from many ways to learn to lessen stress and heal the mind. If you “heal your mind you heal your life” YB

Kundalini Yoga 1:1- As a trained kundalini yoga teacher and therapist, specific kriyas, exercises, meditations and chants are selected to help with any condition. Learn techniques to practice daily on your own. Enjoy the comfort of working at your own level in your own way.

Sound Healing- Receive the gift of beautiful and necessary sounds of live instruments, nature, vocalizing, and music to retune your spirit, heart, mind, body and soul.

SUP Music
Leesa Sklover/Sangeet’s music involves environmental themes and the use of animals and the elements as instruments. Orca chantress, Sangeet Eleven, Deep Deep Down, Science and Sound for the soul, are all ideal for paddle boarding and SUP Yoga. This is all available online.