We are all pregnant with possibility. We are each a seed destined to become and manifest the dream. We all began from the same mitochondrial Eve in East Africa as our DNA proves. She was thought to be the common mother of all humans as my friend Andrew Beath writes in his Trilogy, The New Creation Story.  If it is possible that our shared mother came from East Africa, then I hope she was from Ghana, for there I have met the sweetest humans in my life. Something in the water. Something leads me all the time, in my personal destiny, to meet people and have friends from Ghana.  I wish with the disconnection of understanding and terror in the world we could understand that love is all there is, and the human connection has nothing to do with race or religion.   We come from the same tree. Most people spend very little time being what they are destined to become.  Their time is spent on survival or following assumptions.  What would happen if we listened to our soul often enough to do the thing we were destined to do, to be where we were destined to be, and with the people we were destined to be with, to make our spirit soar ?

We need the time to listen to the little soul self. The day needs to begin with Sadhana, ritual, meditation, to set the tone to remember the  gift.. The word re-member is about putting your parts back together. Putting us back together to the person, the soul, we were born be.

I celebrate my daughter, a recent graduation from high school, someone who has had to fight and know her soul early in life with physical limitations, that could of stopped her. She is meant to do magic in this world. The dreams she is about to create are well deserved and designed by something greater then her, to manifest.  I too have put aside part of what feeds me. I have focused on others, on her, while following my dharma.  It has been diminished at times by the distractions of life. The greatest part of me is coming, and my greatest role, as Mother, is changing. The creativity is flowing.  We are both free to know ourselves. Though we deeply love each other,  I can’t wait for her to be free. I cant wait to be open again,  to give birth to more.  I gave birth to her and she is a dream come to realization.

I will not put my destiny in the power of anyone else, but my own soul. I am telling her this, and I am trying to listen to what I have lived myself, to return to deep listening and soul singing.

We each need to soar in our own directions, my infinte love for her is grappled to my soul and hers forever.  I feel the new beginning for both of us to be our destiny,  to focus on the future, to expand awareness, to unite with the universe and the atoms we share with other beings of all kinds on this earth.. It could feel like a sad time as I mourn the loss of being a mommy daily, and the need to hold her wellness in my mind. She has been my greatest joy and fun.  I feel I am returning to what I have never stopped doing, but without distraction..  The rebirth of myself and my daughter is a wonderful thing.. We are two butterflies that will be flying back to each other. My favorite memory is a day in October on the beach in Madison Connecticut, thousands of Monarch butterflies dancing around us.. She was four. Just my girl and my dog on the beach. We will still have these days.   We are much like the caterpillar who thought that it was the end of the world, and became a butterfly. As creative beings, my child and I will live life as a prayer for ourselves, for each other, in two places most of the time, honoring our soul’s destiny to love ourself and each other.