Consulting & Coaching

Leesa works in Family Business and Small Business consulting to enhance, Relationships/Team Building, Wellness, HR and serve in crisis situations.

She has helped with the design of Spa programs and implementing the ideas for The Mayflower Spa and her experience for 12 years in the health and healing department at Canyon Ranch Spa, in Lenox. She was involved with the creation of many programs and services. She is an ideal guide for wellness programming, and implementation of creative business ideas.

Life Enhancement Mentorship
Three 1 hour educational coaching sessions focusing on your ideal goals and dreams in the following themes.
Programs are fine tuned to your personal needs.
Sample life enhancement mentorship program 15 minute consultation for $19.99

Wellness, Sleep and Peace
Self Empowerment and Resilience
Yoga /Music Therapy, Imagery

10 Session Company Enhancement program
10 Session Couples Relationship Coaching

Personal Coaching and Consulting
25 and 45 minute sessions

Group Conferences/ Workshops
Hello Love (Monthly beginning in October)
Audio conference on Loving self and others. A group forum discussing the most important thing of all, LOVE.

SEE ME AS I AM (weekly in real time & online conference starting July)- Global workshops for women in conversation non locally to enhance, freedom, creativity and the right for all women to have the experience of peace to be themselves – $25.00 per week.

Dream/Sleep Calm Coaching forum
The tools and latest research on sleep health brought to you weekly to practice. 1:1 additional time can be arranged. Mondays at 9pm ( audio conference- begins July) $25.00 per week. 1:1 education by appointment.

Yoga Therapy, Music Therapy Meditation Weekly online instruction 1:1 program to create peace and lessen anxiety (Begins in October) – $19.99 per class

(Multiple Locations and Times on Calendar)
Adventures involve real time experiences of mind body spirit earth to use the voice, body and spirit to connect self to the natural world. Yoga, Music Therapy, Eco therapy and Spirituality, environmental exploration at it’s best.