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Eco-Soul Spa Day/ Earth Day Celebration
January 1, 1970
12:00 am
Dolphin Dock, Tarpon Springs, FL
40 spots left
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Join us on Earth Day April 22, 2017  

Call 917-860-0488 to pay via Credit Card.

Your journey will begin at:

1:00-4:00 pm

Focus on wholeness and your spiritual journey through Yoga, Meditation, Music, Art, Poetry Therapy Techniques, Dreamsculpting, Mindfulness Meditation, Eco Ocean Eco Spiritual educational rituals for peaceful, stress-free living with sound guided imagery, acupuncture, philosophy and spiritual inquiry for mind, body, spirit, earth connection, World advocacy ideals for healing our planet.

4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

  • Rest & Relaxation and nourishment
  • Socializing on the sea
  • Hot tub and Water activities

5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

The day isn't over -- what a better way to end with a Dream Music Sunset Meditation Concert performed by Leesa Sklover and guest artists.

Many times we have a sacred experience and we want it to continue. With your workshop you receive 25% off on a follow up individual session, A consultation to design ways to make your life amazing and create healthy rituals for long term results. 

You have an opportunity to continue your journey on Sunday, April, 23.  with additional individual session offerings by our team to design the program you want.

  • Spiritual Inquiry 
  • OptiSelf / Relationship Coaching
  • Music/Sound Therapy
  • Sand Play 
  • DreamSong Journey 
  • Imagery and Sound 
  • Sound Guided Imagery
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga Therapy 
  • Kundalini Yoga 1:1
  • Eco Dream Journey

Paddle board Lessons, Float Yoga and Meditation

  • Float Paddle Yoga- 1:1
  • Float Meditation
  • Float Coaching
Eco-Soul Spa Day/ Earth Day Celebration
April 22, 2017
Regular ($95.00)
Spots left: 40
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See Me As I Am - Compassion Education Project - Film/Song
May 20, 2017
5:00 pm
Dolphin Dock, Tarpon Springs, FL
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Suggested Donation = $40

Donations of your choice appreciated

Call 917-860-0488 to pay via Credit Card.

Event In Support Of See Me As I Am - Compassion Education Project - Film/Song

Support our virtual song / film project to teach compassion and acceptance

Raffles, Trailer Viewing, Gifts, Music, Food and Fun on the Water.

Sklover/LoveLife Productions LLC

Reserve your spot today!

Contact: Leesa at leesa@skloverlovelifeproductions.com

See Me As I Am - Compassion Education Project - Film/Song
May 20, 2017
Suggested Donation ($40.00)
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About Me

Leesa Sklover Ph.D., LPC (CT.) MA-CMT, CRC, IKYTA, IAYT, ACA combines 25 years of experience in the field of spirituality, health and healing. She is a creative visionary and educator, who spent 12 years bringing integrative therapies to the mainstream at Canyon Ranch Spa, music and sound therapy to all. She is a professional singer songwriter and sacred music composer, a licensed counselor in CT practicing for 20 years. She is director of Sklover/LoveLife Productions, LLC. facilitating national learning programs/media, self journeys in eco spirituality, Self education, health and healing in the creative arts, Kundalini yoga and yoga therapy workshops. Former professor at Sacred Heart University and masters program at the Graduate Institute. She runs workshops, teaches and has offices at a Yoga Village and in Tarpon Springs,FL. She sees counseling patients in Connecticut, and does workshops at her office at New England Holistic Health, Glastonbury, CT. She lectures and runs her workshops at spas and conferences all over the world. Read More..

See Me As I Am

Music Video project for the safety, self love and creativity of women.

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Sklover Sound Music

Sangeet/ Leesa Sklover, YouTube, Spirit Voyage music, CDBaby.com, iTunes, Music Connections, Sklover Sound Salon for songwriters and musicians, music supervision, film music.

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Eco Blue Creative/Research

A Planetary Collaboratory for Scientists, Heaters, Creative Arists, Environmentalists and Teachers.

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Gallery Includes Images & Videos

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Training & Workshops

Live & Online, Kundalini Yoga/Music Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Inner Song, FloatPaddle Yoga, SEE ME AS I AM Workshop.

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Institute of Study of Relationships

Counseling for Family, Couples, Individuals, Consulting, Health and Healing, Interspecies communication research (cetacean and human).

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8 Point Model

The image of an octahedron came to me in a yoga therapy training visualization/meditation. The image of this sacred geometric pattern is used in my workshops. It conveys the primary need in life for, Love, Vitality & Self Growth. In my workshops & consulting programs I use The 8 Vows, which are to experience for oneself and towards others, Trust, Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Peace, Service. Communication & Grace as the focus of life's journey. It is the principle behind many of the workshops, trainings & consulting work that I do.
Steven Weil, Siftex Equipment Company
My company hired Dr. Leesa Sklover as a Human Resources consultant on a one-year contract.Responsibilities included recruiting, on-boarding, employee reviews, training and team-building for our 20 employees.Leesa’s training as a psychotherapist and coach served the organization very well.Her insights into the issues and dynamics of our employees were enlightening.This led ...
Avtar Kaur
Kundalini yoga profoundly aided in my personal and spiritual growth. I wouldn't have the tools I possess today without the help I received from Leesa and this wonderful system. I am forever grateful.
B. R
I went to Leesa thinking that it was the end of our relationship. Leesa helped us to overcome are differences and our fears. After several sessions, we got engaged.
Ram Avtar Kaur
Kundalini yoga profoundly aided in my personal and spiritual growth. I wouldn't have the tools I possess today without the help I received from Leesa and his wonderful system. I am forever grateful. read more
Dr Sklover's work with our company resulted in improved teamwork, productivity and employee engagement. read more
Dr. Sklover is an excellent therapist who listens empathically. She is a wonderful teacher of yoga and helping people understand balancing the body, breath , and emotions. She is also a very talented musican and artist who entwines her skill read more

Colloquia at Sacred Heart University.

Where and What is Creativity?